How to Assign a Bundle to a Device

When a bundle is assigned to a device either directly or indirectly, ZENworks installs the RPMs in the bundle or applies the preboot bundle to that device.

A bundle that is newly assigned to a device is installed when the next bundle refresh cycle occurs. This can happen at boot time or based on the bundle refresh setting in the managed device's zone.

You can follow the following method to assign a bundle to a device. One method is as follows:


Open the ZENworks Control Center.


Click on Devices on the menu at the top of the screen.


Browse within the Devices folder to the folder where the specific device is located.


Select the specific device by clicking on the check box in the list next to the device. This activates the rest of the device menu.


Select the Action menu item to open the drop-down list and select Assign Bundle. This launches the Bundle Assignment Wizard.

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