The Final Step: Saving Your PostScript File

The final step in the whole process is creating a PostScript file:

  1. When you changed the Destination in the unnamed printer window from Printer to File, the Print button probably changed from Print to Save. Click that button, and a Save or Save File window will appear (Figure 3.20).

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    Figure 3.20: Browse to where you want your PostScript file saved.

  2. Locate the folder where you would like to save your PostScript file.

  3. Name your PostScript file. It should have either a .ps (Macintosh) or .prn (Windows) filename extension.

  4. Click the Save button once again to create the PostScript file.

In the next chapter you will see how to control the conversion of this PostScript file into a PDF using Distiller to suit any final output. In addition, we will explore a few alternative methods of creating PDF files.

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