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learning maps and memory skills: revised second edition
Learning Maps and Memory Skills: Revised Second Edition
by Inegmar Svantesson   ISBN:0749441283
Kogan Page © 2004 (103 pages)

This book presents a step-by-step guide into the learning maps note-taking technique and how you can make the most of your memory, save you time and help with creative thinking.

Table of Contents
Learning Maps and Memory Skills, Revised Second Edition
How to Use This Book
Chapter 1 - What is a Learning Map?
Chapter 2 - Getting Started
Chapter 3 - ˜Ordinary™ Note Taking
Chapter 4 - Keywords
Chapter 5 - The Human Brain
Chapter 6 - Learning Maps
Chapter 7 - Other People™s Texts
Chapter 8 - Using Learning Maps
Chapter 9 - What is the Memory?
Chapter 10 - Mnemonics
Chapter 11 - Learning Maps Applications
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Puzzle Solution
Memory Exercise
List of Exercises
List of Case Studies

Learning Maps and Memory Skills
Learning Maps and Memory Skills (Creating Success)
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