Conventions You ll See

We ve used a variety of elements to help keep the text clear and easy to follow. You ll find code terms and listings in monospace type, except when we tell you to actually type a command. In that case, the command appears in bold type. When we introduce and define a new term , we put it in italics .

Every chapter is introduced with a 10-Second Summary designed to provide a brief introduction to the main topics to be presented and ends with a Fast Wrap-Up to summarize the main ideas. Other conventions include:


Provide tips, tricks, and additional techniques or insights to help you be more efficient.


Warn you when there are potential problems you should look out for.


Provide additional details on a particular point that needs emphasis.


Define a term that appears italicized in the text.

See Also  

Contain cross-references to a page, section, or chapter in the book.

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Faster Smarter Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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