Activity 5.2: Planning User Accounts

In this activity you will read about an organization that is planning its Active Directory infrastructure. Your task is to analyze the organization's environment to plan the user accounts needed in an Active Directory infrastructure.

Scenario: Dearing School of Fine Art

You are an infrastructure planner on the Active Directory infrastructure design team for the Dearing School of Fine Art (DSFA), an art school located in Washington, D.C. The business and technical environment analysis documents, the forest plan, the domain plan, and the OU structure diagram have already been compiled and copies have been distributed to everyone on the team. You are now in the process of planning the naming and placing of user accounts for new students in the fiber arts department.

While looking over the Technical Standards Worksheet, you find that DSFA has selected a user account naming scheme that ensures that unique user account names are generated for all users in the forest. This naming scheme uses the first eight letters of a user's first and last names. In case of the same first and last names, the user's middle initial is used. For part-time students, "PT-" will precede the user account name.

Table 5.10 provides fictitious names and enrollment information for the new students. The table also lists the administrative groups that must administer each account.

Table 5.10 New Student List

Student name Department Status Administrative group
Akhtar, SarahFiber ArtsPart TimePTFiberAdmin
Barnhill, JoshPaintingFull TimeFTPaintAdmin
Berry, JoFiber ArtsFull TimeFTFiberAdmin
Dunn, MatthewDrawingFull TimeCompArtAdmin
Dunn, MichealDrawingPart TimePTDrawAdmin
Hart, SherriPaintingFull TimeFTPaintAdmin
Jacobson, LisaDrawingFull TimeCompArtAdmin
Khanna, KaranPaintingFull TimeFTPaintAdmin
Phua, MengFiber ArtsFull TimeFTFiberAdmin
Schafer, Christina Painting Part Time PTPaintAdmin
Tobey, ChrisDrawingFull TimeFTDrawAdmin
Wolfe-Hellene, MartaFiber ArtsPart TimePTFiberAdmin
Young, RobDrawingFull TimeFTDrawAdmin

Your design team has created the OU structure diagram shown in Figure 5.14.

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Figure 5.14 OU structure diagram for the Dearing School of Fine Art

Table 5.11 is a list of administrative groups that can administer users in each OU.

Table 5.11 Administrative Groups in DSFA OUs

OU Administrative groups
FTUsers (Fiber Arts)SysAdmin
PTUsers (Fiber Arts)SysAdmin
FTUsers (Painting)SysAdmin
PTUsers (Painting)SysAdmin
FTUsers (Drawing)SysAdmin
PTUsers (Drawing)SysAdmin
Computer ArtSysAdmin

In the table below, place the new student accounts, by account name, in the appropriate OU.

OU New student accounts
FTUsers (Fiber Arts)____________________
PTUsers (Fiber Arts)____________________
FTUsers (Painting)____________________
PTUsers (Painting)____________________
FTUsers (Drawing)____________________
PTUsers (Drawing)____________________
Computer Art____________________


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