Actionable Items

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ITOs should undertake the following initiatives:

  • Rationalizing storage hardware and storage software This should encompass all aspects of storage across the server and application portfolio. Certainly, storage life cycles must be considered , yet a rationalization strategy (reducing variations both vendor and configuration) will provide significant strategic value, even in tactical times.

  • Creating a storage infrastructure ITOs should begin networking storage resources (SAN, NAS, and backup/recovery architectures), leverage tiered storage offerings (for example, internal storage, midrange , enterprise) and functional software (say, replication, server cluster integration, and backup/ recovery), and look to common components (such as FC switches, host bus adapters, and so on) where possible. They should also seek new elements that adhere to intensive interoperability standards and procedures to ensure maximum configuration flexibility.

  • Optimizing storage operations This includes rationalizing and consolidating management tools and personnel responsibilities; consistent storage management of multivendor environments is beginning to emerge and is a significant strategic directive.

  • Creating a data and media center of excellence ITOs should employ a center of excellence using the guidelines outlined in the previous section.

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