Integrating Excel and Access

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Integrating Excel and Access
By Michael Schmalz
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: November 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00973-9
Pages: 232

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In a corporate setting, the Microsoft Office Suite is an invaluable set of applications. One of Offices' biggest advantages is that its applications can work together to share information, produce reports, and so on. The problem is, there isn't much documentation on their cross-usage. Until now.

Introducing Integrating Excel and Access, the unique
reference that shows you how to combine the strengths of
Microsoft Excel with those of Microsoft Access. In particular,
the book explains how the powerful analysis tools of Excel can
work in concert with the structured storage and more powerful
querying of Access. The results that these two applications can
produce together are virtually impossible to achieve with one
program separately.

But the book isn't just limited to Excel and Access. There's
also a chapter on SQL Server, as well as one dedicated to
integrating with other Microsoft Office applications. In no time,
you'll discover how to:

  • Utilize the built in features of Access and Excel to access

  • Use VBA within Access or Excel to access data

  • Build connection strings using ADO and DAO

  • Automate Excel reports including formatting, functions, and
    page setup

  • Write complex functions and queries with VBA

  • Write simple and advanced queries with the Access GUI

  • Produce pivot tables and charts with your data

With Integrating Excel and Access, you can crunch and
visualize data like never before. It's the ideal guide for anyone
who uses Microsoft Office to handle data.

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Integrating Excel and Access
Integrating Excel and Access
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