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The CD included with this book contains the complete contents of the Sysinternals Web site (—the Web site maintained by Mark Russinovich (this book's coauthor) and Bryce Cogswell—as well as other helpful tools. The CD also includes a fully searchable electronic version of the book as well as debugging tools and symbols. (See the Readme.txt file on the CD for information on using the debugging tools and the symbols.)

To view the contents of the CD, insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. If you have the autorun feature in Windows enabled, a splash screen will automatically appear on your screen that will provide you with viewing options. To start this screen manually, run StartCD from the root directory of the CD.


The contents of the Web site have been included on this CD for your convenience. You can find the tools from this Web site that are used in the experiments in this book in the \Sysint folder. You can run these tools from the CD, or you can install them onto your hard drive by selecting Run Setup from the autorun splash screen and following the instructions in Setup.

You can also browse the CD version of the entire Web site by selecting Browse CD Sysinternals from the autorun splash screen or by opening Ntinternals.htm from the \Sysinternals-WebSite folder. You can copy the entire Web site to your hard disk by selecting Run Setup from the splash screen and following the Setup instructions.

For the most up-to-date versions of the Sysinternals Web site and tools, visit (which you can do from the splash screen by selecting Browse Online Sysinternals).


Additional tools have been provided on this CD and are located in the \Tools folder. Among the tools is a performance monitor DLL extension (KVarPerf) that allows you to monitor internal Windows 2000 kernel variables from the Performance tool. Another tool is LiveKd, a special tool that allows use of the standard Microsoft kernel debugger tools (such as Kd.exe, Windbg.exe, I386kd.exe, and so on) on a live system with no special debugging options enabled.

To install the tools, select the Run Setup option from the autorun splash screen (or run Setup.exe in the \Setup folder) and follow the Setup instructions. You can also run these tools directly from the CD, although LiveKd must be run from the \Debuggers directory on the CD rather than the \Tools directory. See the Readme.txt file in the root of the companion CD for more information on running LiveKd from the CD and on setting up your system for kernel debugging.

System Requirements

The following is a list of system requirements necessary to use the contents of the companion CD:

  • Any supported Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Server, Advanced Server, or Datacenter Server configuration.
  • To install the tools needed for the experiments from the Tools and Sysint folders, approximately 5 MB of disk space is required. If you choose to install the copy of the site, approximately 30 MB of disk space is required. Installing the contents of the Debuggers folder requires approximately 20 MB of disk space, and the full contents of Symbols requires 20 MB.
  • Some of the experiments in this book require the use of tools from the Windows 2000 Support Tools, debugging tools, and resource kit (Professional or Server edition). These tools and their locations are listed in Chapter 1.


This CD contains an electronic version of the book. This e-book allows you to view the book text on screen and to search the contents. For information on installing and using the e-book, see the Readme.txt file in the \Ebook folder.

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