CD Analysis Utilities

At times, forensic examiners need to examine CDs or DVDs as part of their examinations. These tools allow you to locate hidden sessions that had been previously recorded on optical media.


IsoBuster is a highly specialized tool designed to perform data recovery from optical medium (all CD and DVD) formats. Its approach is unique in that it shows the true and full content of the media. CD and DVD technology are based on special techniques to divide the media into tracks and sessions. Different sessions can contain different content, and it is easy to hide older content from the popular operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS. Furthermore, sessions can contain different filesystems, each pointing to the same or different files in that session or in older sessions. Popular operating systems will pick only one of the filesystems-again, this way it is easy to hide data. Because IsoBuster shows all these different tracks, sessions, and filesystems, investigators get a perfect view of the content on the media and at the same time gain good knowledge on optical media write techniques and data storing. To obtain additional information about IsoBuster, visit .

CD/DVD Inspector

CD/DVD Inspector provides professional software for intensive analysis and extraction of data from CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD media. The product is tailored for professionals in data recovery, forensics, and law enforcement. Building on the data recovery technology in CD/DVD Diagnostic, it adds detailed displays and enhanced media search abilities , improving performance and usability. CD/DVD Inspector reads all major CD and DVD filesystems. When the disc being examined contains more than a single filesystem, all filesystems found are displayed. Reports are available to describe the contents of a disc in several formats, including with or without MD5 hash information. Additionally, CD/DVD Inspector loads a Hashkeeper hash set and compares it to the contents of a disc. This enables the rapid marking of files that contain content so that they can be examined further or excluding files which belong to a hash set of common files. To obtain additional information about CD/DVD Inspector, visit .

Computer Forensics JumpStart
Computer Forensics JumpStart
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