Chapter 3. Selling with PayPal

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Introduction: Hacks #17-27

Upgrade to Business Class

Set Your Payment Receiving Preferences

Identify Yourself to Your Customers

Hack  17.   Request Money the PayPal Way

Hack  18.   Ask for Money in Your Own Way

Hack  19.   Request Money Without an Account

Hack  20.   Get Your Money

Hack  21.   Refund a Payment

Hack  22.   Quick-Link to Transaction Details

Hack  23.   Lower Your Seller Fees

Hack  24.   Protect Yourself from Buyer Fraud

Hack  25.   Protect Yourself from Chargebacks

Hack  26.   Avoid Chargebacks on Digital Goods

Hack  27.   Handle Merchandise Disputes Effectively

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PayPal Hacks
PayPal Hacks
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