Creating Targets in a Page

Before you can begin linking to targets, you must insert those targets in the page. The following example shows how to insert targets in a page in Composer. Note that you can choose from two basic methods : Create a target that marks a spot, and create a target that marks certain text.


Which method should you use and when? It doesn't make much difference.

Attaching targets to text makes the most sense when each section where you want to put a target begins with a unique heading, as in a FAQ. When that's the case, attaching targets to text saves you the extra step of having to name your targets.

However, the text must be different for each target in the page; no two targets in a file can share the same name.

  1. Click at a spot where you want a link to lead, or select the text to which you want a target attached.


    If you select text when performing step 1, make sure that your selection does not include a paragraph mark. If it does, you find that the Target Properties dialog box doesn't let you create the target.

    To avoid selecting a paragraph character, don't run the selection all the way to the end of a line. (Make sure that the selection ends with a character.)

  2. Click the Target button on the Composition toolbar (see Figure 23.19).

    Figure 23.19. Step 2: Click Target.


  3. Type a name for this target and click OK (see Figure 23.20).

    Figure 23.20. Step 3: Name the target and then click OK.


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