The individual boxes that make up a table . One cell appears at each intersection of one row and one column.

cell alignment

A type of table formatting that enables you to control where within a cell the contents of that cell are aligned: left, right, center.

CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

One method for creating scripts that make some advanced Web page features work, such as forms .

character formatting

Formatting that changes the style of text characters , such as applying fonts , bold, or italic.

check box

A small square box used to select objects in a program or a Web page form . Clicking an empty check box inserts a check mark there, indicating that the object or option next to the check box is selected.

clip art

Graphics, photos, and sometimes other media (such as sound and video clips) published in collections for convenient use in creating Web pages and other publications . FrontPage 2003 includes its own library of clip art.

Clip Gallery

A program built into FrontPage 2003 (and other Office 2003 programs) that enables you to locate and use files stored in the clip art library and to add new items to that library.

collapsible list

A nested list in which a visitor viewing the list through a browser can choose to display or hide ("collapse") nested list items by clicking the major list items.


An object in a Web page that carries out a programmed action; components include hit counters, marquees , and form fields.


To trim off one or more sides of a picture to cut the picture down to only the part you want to show.

Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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Year: 2003
Pages: 74
Authors: Ned Snell

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