Chapter 4. File and Printer Shares

Chapter 3 described basic Samba configurationassigning NetBIOS and workgroup names to the Samba server, setting password options, and so on. In most cases, though, a Samba server's primary responsibility is to provide file and printer shares to clients. This is the topic of this chapter.

This chapter begins with a look at file shareshow to define them, set access options, and so on. Printer shares are basically just variants of file shares, but because they must interface with the Linux printing system, this chapter describes a few details of Linux's printing architecture, including the basics of configuring the Common Unix Printing System, the most popular printing software on Linux. Another printing-related feature is the delivery of printer drivers to Windows systems; SMB/CIFS and Samba support special options to handle this task. Finally, this chapter concludes with several example shares that demonstrate common file- and printer-sharing scenarios.

    Linux in a Windows World
    Linux in a Windows World
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