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We always value hearing from our readers, and we want to know what you think about this book: what you liked , what you didn't like, and what you think we can do better next time. You can send us your comments, either by returning the reply card in the back of the book, or by e-mail to . Please be sure to mention the book's title in your message.


We've made every effort to make sure that there are no errors in the text or in the code. However, no one is perfect and mistakes do occur. If you find an error in one of our books, like a spelling mistake or a faulty piece of code, we would be very grateful for feedback. By sending in errata you may save another reader hours of frustration and, of course, you will be helping us provide even higher quality information. Simply e-mail the information to . Your information will be checked and, if correct, posted to the errata page for that title, or used in subsequent editions of the book.

To find errata on the Web, go to and locate the title through our Find a Book search engine or our book list . Then click on the book's View errata link.

E-mail Support

If you wish to directly query a problem in the book with an expert who knows the book in detail then e mail , with the title of the book and the last four numbers of the ISBN in the subject field of the e-mail. A typical e-mail should include the following things:

  • The title of the book , last four digits of the ISBN (821X), and page number of the problem in the Subject field.

  • Your name , contact information , and the problem in the body of the message.

We won't send you junk mail. We need the details to save your time and ours. When you send an e-mail message, it will go through the following chain of support:

  • Customer Support - Your message is delivered to our customer support staff, who are the first people to read it. They have files on most frequently asked questions and will answer anything general about the book or the web site immediately.

  • Editorial - Deeper queries are forwarded to the technical editor responsible for that book. They have experience with the programming language or particular product, and are able to answer detailed technical questions on the subject.

  • The authors - Finally, in the unlikely event that the editor cannot answer your problem, they will forward the request to the author. We do try to protect the author from any distractions to their writing; however, we are quite happy to forward specific requests to them. All Wrox authors help with the support on their books. They will e-mail the editor with their response and, again, all readers should benefit.

The Wrox Support process can only offer support to issues that are directly pertinent to the content of the published title. Support for questions that fall outside the scope of normal book support is provided via the community lists of our forum.

For author and peer discussion, join the P2P mailing lists. Our unique system provides programmer to programmer contact on mailing lists, forums, and newsgroups, all in addition to our one-to-one e-mail support system. If you post a query to P2P, you can be confident that it is being examined by the many Wrox authors and other industry experts who are present on our mailing lists. At you will find a number of different lists that will help you, not only while you read this book, but also as you develop your own applications. Particularly appropriate to this book are the vba_access and access lists.

To subscribe to a mailing list just follow these steps:

  1. Go to .

  2. Choose the appropriate category from the left menu bar.

  3. Click on the mailing list you wish to join.

  4. Follow the instructions to subscribe and fill in your e-mail address and password.

  5. Reply to the confirmation e-mail you receive.

  6. Use the subscription manager to join more lists and set your e-mail preferences.

Why this System Offers the Best Support

You can choose to join the mailing lists or you can receive them as a weekly digest. If you don't have the time, or facility, to receive the mailing list, then you can search our online archives. Junk and spam mails are deleted, and your own e-mail address is protected by the unique Lyris system. Queries about joining or leaving lists, and any other general queries about lists, should be sent to .

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