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Documents are the open editor or designer files in the IDE. They are nontool windows, and they contain text that can be edited or designers that can be manipulated.

Document (Object)

A Document object represents a document or designer that is open for editing in the Visual Studio .NET IDE. The Document object only represents documents that have an area to edit text.

Documents (Collection)

The Documents collection contains all of the Document objects currently open in the Visual Studio .NET IDE. You can reference the collection by DTE.Documents.

EditPoint (Object)

The EditPoint object provides the functionality to manipulate text as data in a buffer. There is a text buffer shadowing the text in a document editor. EditPoint operates on the text buffer while TextSelection is related to the text displayed in the editor.

TextPane (Object)

You can split a Text Editor window into two panes. The TextPane object gives you access to the text selected in each pane, as well as the pane's properties, such as height, width, and so on.

TextPanes (Collection)

The TextPanes collection contains one or more of the TextPane objects for a Text Editor window.

TextPoint (Object)

TextPoint objects operate on text displayed in a code editor. A TextPoint object differs from an EditPoint object in that the EditPoint object operates on code in the text buffer that shadows the text editor.

TextSelection (Object)

The TextSelection object provides access to view-based editing operations and selected text.

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Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio  .NET
Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET
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