Why ASP Developers Need This Book

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If you have read the last couple of pages, you understand that the evolution of ASP has primarily involved changes in peripheral services, not the core ASP engine itself. ASP.NET, previously known as Next Generation Web Services, is a truly different creature than ASP, and will require you to rethink how you go about designing and building Internet applications. Why should you bother to learn this new way of doing things when you already build great applications using classic ASP? What are the benefits that make it worth it? Or, if you're just getting into web development, why should you choose ASP.NET instead of the more established Active Server Pages technology?

I l @ ve RuBoard

Asp. Net. By Example
ASP.NET by Example
ISBN: 0789725622
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2001
Pages: 154

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