Change the way Photoshop views the canvas area by selecting one of the three view modes (press the keyboard shortcut F):

  • The default view mode is Standard Screen Mode. Photoshop appears in a window, and any open images appear in windows, too. This is the most common mode in which people use the program.

  • Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar maximizes Photoshop, and also maximizes the image you have opened in your monitor. The Menu Bar is still available at the top of your screen, but the Photoshop title bar is hidden.

  • Full Screen Mode also maximizes Photoshop and the active canvas. The only items visible are the palettes and the Options bar. This is a useful mode when you want to display your work to someone without any clutter. Press the Tab key on the keyboard and hide all palettes and the Options bar to get them out of the way of your masterpiece.

Click the Edit in ImageReady button at the bottom of the toolbox (see Figure 3.15) to close the file in Photoshop and reopen it in ImageReady. Closing and reopening the file in this way prevents loss of changes and creates two open versions of the same file.

Figure 3.15. The Edit in ImageReady button.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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