As mentioned in Chapter 1, "Creative Suite 2 Basics," CS2 has an integrated Help Center with several programs included. From Photoshop or ImageReady, you can access the Help Center by choosing Help, Photoshop Help or Help, ImageReady Help. Help for some people is considered an afterthought, but when you work with the software, the Help Center can be a more convenient resource than a manual because of its text-searching capabilities. Adobe has also been known to put more information in its help system than in its user guides. When you have a question about something in the software or have a graphics-related question, type a keyword in the search field. Remember to make sure that Adobe Photoshop CS2 is selected in the Help For pop-up menu and then press Enter. Your keyword searches should get results.

A nice feature of the Help Center for Photoshop CS2 are the built-in tutorials. The left pane is full of help links; in this list, find the Tutorials category. If you can't see the category, click the Home button to take you back to the main menu and splash page. Click the small arrow to turn down the Tutorials category. You will find some great tutorials on making selections, color correction, and much more (see Figure 2.10).

Figure 2.10. Tutorials in the Help Center cover common tasks in Photoshop CS2.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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