PostScript is a language that tells the printer how to output the file you are sending to it. PostScript is the de facto standard in the printing industry and is preferable because of its high-quality output of even complicated documents.

If you have printed a document from any Adobe program, not just Illustrator, you have experienced PostScript printing without really thinking about it. This goes for printing to high-end devices at an output agency or printing to the laser printer in your office. For the most part, you shouldn't have to put a lot of thought into PostScript, unless you suddenly have problems printing your documents and generate the dreaded PostScript error.

If you do have problems with PostScript printing, the following are some things to try to get through the issue:

  • Make sure you are using the most updated PostScript Printer Description (PPD) for your printer. A PPD should have loaded with your printer driver. (Check the PPD pop-up menu when you go to File, Print. You should be printing by default to a PPD that matches your printer.)

    Check your printer manufacturer's website from time to time for updated PPDs. Sometimes issues and errors are found after a printer driver has been released, and an updated PPD that can solve your problem might be available for download.

  • In the previous section, you learned about Output settings in the Print dialog that are available to simplify your document. If you have trouble printing a very complicated document, go back to the Output pane and change some of the settings to simplify the file.

  • Long, complex paths that are drawn on the page might need to be split into smaller paths to help with PostScript printing. Use the Scissors tool to split paths at various locations and simplify the document.

Know that when you are preparing documents to be output, your printer may supply you with a special PPD that prepares your document for output, especially if you are creating PDFs. To load a specialized PPD, select Other from the PPD pop-up menu in the Print menu and then browse to the provided PPD and click Open.

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Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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