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In another dimension perhaps there are ways to magically manifest new creations through simple mind control. Unfortunately, in the Paleolithic world we live in we're still stuck using hammers, chisels, and even software for our design work. The good news is that hammers are getting harder, chisels sharper, and Adobe is lifting us out of the Stone Age with not one but a collection of programs, bringing the day closer when we can create merely by thinking about it. Until that day, at least we can make some pretty snazzy stuff on the computer.

Creative Suite 2 is a collection of world-class creative software that makes it easier to work, play, and use your imagination to create (see Figure 1.1). Not a bad idea, is it? Adobe has gone a step further. Not only do the programs work well together, they are largely based on a core technologythe Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF is most easily identified with Adobe Acrobat.

Figure 1.1. The Adobe Creative Suite 2.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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