Chapter 3. Dates and Times

    Section 3.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 3.1.  Finding the Current Date and Time

    Recipe 3.2.  Converting Time and Date Parts to an Epoch Timestamp

    Recipe 3.3.  Converting an Epoch Timestamp to Time and Date Parts

    Recipe 3.4.  Printing a Date or Time in a Specified Format

    Recipe 3.5.  Finding the Difference of Two Dates

    Recipe 3.6.  Finding the Difference of Two Dates with Julian Days

    Recipe 3.7.  Finding the Day in a Week, Month, or Year

    Recipe 3.8.  Validating a Date

    Recipe 3.9.  Parsing Dates and Times from Strings

    Recipe 3.10.  Adding to or Subtracting from a Date

    Recipe 3.11.  Calculating Time with Time Zones

    Recipe 3.12.  Accounting for Daylight Savings Time

    Recipe 3.13.  Generating a High-Precision Time

    Recipe 3.14.  Generating Time Ranges

    Recipe 3.15.  Using Non-Gregorian Calendars

    Recipe 3.16.  Using Dates Outside the Range of an Epoch Timestamp

    Recipe 3.17.  Program: Calendar

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