Recipe 24.6. Copying or Moving a File

24.6.1. Problem

You want to copy or move a file.

24.6.2. Solution

Use copy( ) to copy a file, as shown in Example 24-17.

Copying a file

<?php $old = '/tmp/yesterday.txt'; $new = '/tmp/today.txt'; copy($old,$new) or die("couldn't copy $old to $new: $php_errormsg"); ?>

Use rename( ) to move a file, as shown in Example 24-18.

Moving a file

<?php $old = '/tmp/today.txt'; $new = '/tmp/tomorrow.txt'; rename($old,$new) or die("couldn't move $old to $new: $php_errormsg"); ?>

24.6.3. Discussion

On Unix, rename( ) can't move files across filesystems under PHP versions before 4.3.3. To do so, copy the file to the new location and then delete the old file. This is shown in Example 24-19.

Moving a file across filesystems

<?php if (copy("/tmp/code.c","/usr/local/src/code.c")) {   unlink("/tmp/code.c"); } ?>

If you have multiple files to copy or move, call copy( ) or rename( ) in a loop. You can operate only on one file each time you call these functions.

24.6.4. See Also

Documentation on copy( ) at and rename( ) at

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