Recipe 2.7. Taking Logarithms

2.7.1. Problem

You want to take the logarithm of a number.

2.7.2. Solution

For logs using base e (natural log), use log( ):

$log = log(10);          // 2.30258092994

For logs using base 10, use log10( ):

$log10 = log10(10);      // 1

For logs using other bases, pass the base as the second argument to log( ):

$log2  = log(10, 2); // 3.3219280948874

2.7.3. Discussion

Both log( ) and log10( ) are defined only for numbers that are greater than zero. If you pass in a number equal to or less than zero, they return NAN, which stands for "not a number."

2.7.4. See Also

Documentation on log( ) at and log10( ) at

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