Using Add-Ons in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has a lot of new features but is still behind in some of the features that other third-party web browsers offer. For one, Internet Explorer still does not have a spell checker built in to the application. Every time I post a message in a forum or to a Web site, I usually have to write it in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste the text into Internet Explorer because I am not the best speller. This can be a hassle; after all, I don't always want to have to complete this bulky process to ensure my spelling is correct. Instead, I can use an Internet Explorer add-on that adds spell-check capability within the web browser. In this case, I can forget about loading up Microsoft Word. I can just initiate a spell check in the browser and let the add-on check my spelling in all text fields.

This section is all about showing you some must-have add-ons for Internet Explorer, such as a spell check component just mentioned. First, I show you how to use the ieSpell add-on to save your web posting from misspelled words. Second, I show you how to use an add-on that remembers all your usernames and passwords and other registration information for you.

Using ieSpell

ieSpell is a great add-on for Internet Explorer that I have been using for years. This useful addon is available free for personal use and for a small fee if used in a commercial environment. Installing ieSpell and using it in IE is easy. Just visit and install it just like any other application.

After you have ieSpell installed, restart any open Internet Explorer instances you previously had open; ieSpell will be ready for action. When you need to use it, just right-click any web page and select Check Spelling from the context menu. That is all you need to do to initiate a spell check. Immediately after selecting Check Spelling, you will see a familiar spell-check interface that will help you ensure you have no spelling mistakes.

Using RoboForm

Another great add-on for Internet Explorer is called RoboForm. It is a great little utility that memorizes all your usernames and passwords and other registration information. RoboForm fills in the forms for you so that you don't have to type your personal information when you need to register for a Web site or buy something online. This will save you time and help you remember all your accounts and passwords. Visit to download and install the add-on.

After you have RoboForm installed, restart IE7, and the new toolbar appears. To get started using it, go to a Web site that you normally sign in to and fill out the fields. When you click the Submit or Login button, you are given the option to save the logon information. The next time you visit that site, you will see a prompt on the toolbar that shows you the button to press so that the form fields are automatically filled in.

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