Proper planning and design is essential to any enterprise application integration effort. Once a plan has been developed and adopted, then the implementation process can begin. The data integration solution proposed in this chapter can be accomplished with minimal or no programming. In fact, the challenge of this solution for implementers is the complex configuration of products and features required. This lack of the need for extensive programming is one of the inherent advantages of data integration in many EAI scenarios. So, most of the following discussion is focused on various issues and configuration details.

In order to implement the data integration solution described in this chapter, the following steps are required:

  1. Install and configure the prerequisite hardware and software.
  2. Prepare the IBM DB2 database and tables on the AS/400 for access.
  3. Create the SQL Server Data Transformation (DTS) packages.
  4. Schedule the DTS package to be run at specified dates and times or intervals.

These high-level tasks can be further broken down into sets of subtasks that will likely include some level of testing and evaluation.

This section provides some implementation details on these various tasks and points out issues to consider, particularly configuration options. We begin with a discussion on installing and configuring the prerequisite software.

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