BizOffice represents the integration of Microsoft Office XP and BizTalk Server 2002. This will enable Microsoft Office users to seamlessly and securely interact with their business partners directly from their Office applications, manage document flows as part of a wider business process workflow, and do both in a safe recoverable environment.

BizOffice brings considerable additional value to BizTalk Server by providing a B2B digital dashboard, which gives non-technical users access to all of the sophisticated capabilities of BizTalk Server; an Office (Excel, Word and (later) XDocs) client; and a wider range of customers for BizTalk services. BizOffice brings significant value to Office by providing B2B capability directly to the desktop (B2D); a platform for Internet, inter-enterprise Office solutions; and an automated workflow and document flow in a safe, recoverable environment.

From the perspective of the BizOffice customer, BizOffice appears as a Microsoft SharePoint Team Services (STS) application, which can be used as or can host end-user applications. Inside, BizOffice consists of a platform application, which uses STS, SQL Server and BizTalk Server together with one or more BizOffice Solutions, which implement specific scenarios. BizOffice solutions are end-user applications which use the BizOffice Platform to provide consistent document process and application management across all solutions; provide specific document maps appropriate to the application; and orchestrate STS to a specific application purpose.

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