At the time of writing in early 2002, Visual Studio .NET is just coming to market. The samples in various chapters feature Visual Studio .NET applications and code snippets to show you how quickly and easily you can create e-business applications. We included more samples on the companion CD-ROM to show you new features in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft ADO.NET and Microsoft Visual C# .NET. The Appendix Sample Applications section provides a more detailed listing of the CD-ROM contents.

Newer versions of BizTalk Server and Commerce Server recently came to market as well. Throughout this book we showcase these new products and technologies to help you navigate the complex maze of e-business solutions.

Microsoft has the tools and technologies available to enable large enterprises to build e-business infrastructures today. As the .NET architecture emerges, it will become easier to extend your e-business environment. Here, we provide you with the big picture (the .NET Enterprise Servers framework), a roadmap (scenarios, solutions), and signposts (tools and technologies, references, etc.). Enjoy the tour.

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Microsoft Corporation - Microsoft. Net Server Solutions for the Enterprise
Microsoft .NET Server Solutions for the Enterprise
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