Generating a BizTalk Server Specification Document

Generating a BizTalk Server Specification Document

The following procedures need to be completed for each IDoc structure that is to be converted to an XML schema. Once an XML schema is created, multiple IDocs of the same type can be generated and sent to BizTalk Server.

For example, follow these procedures to convert the IDoc Structure for a purchase order to an XML schema. The XML schema can be used for all purchase orders sent to BizTalk Server. This procedure will not need to be completed again for the purchase order type IDoc unless something in the original IDoc structure changes (such as a new revision).

To generate a BizTalk Server specification document

  1. Start the BizTalk Adapter for SAP Manager.
  2. Expand R/3 Destinations, choose and expand an R/3 destination, and then expand Message Types.
  3. Select an IDoc (for example, ORDERS).
  4. Under IDoc Types, select an IDoc (for example, ORDERS01), right-click, and then click Generate BizTalk IDoc Specs.
  5. Select the IDoctype, and then click the Edit Type Info button.

    Note   You must first select the IDoctype to activate the Edit Type Information button.

  6. In the IDoc Type Information screen, type the correct Release and Version, and then click OK.

    Note   For a successful schema generation, be certain you have the correct release and version information. You may verify the release and version information from the SAP Frontend application using the /n we60 command prompt. This is found on the Documentation for IDoc Types screen.

  7. The Generate BizTalk IDoc Specification screen appears, click Generate.
  8. When the Status column displays Generation Successful, click Close.

Now you are ready to send the IDoc to BizTalk Server.

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