Paper Size

The paper sizes in the United States and Canada (such as letter, legal, and so on) do not satisfy the needs of all users in the world market. For example, most countries in Europe and Asia use a slightly larger standard known as "A4" (297 x 210 mm) that is slightly longer and narrower than the U.S. letter size (279 x 216 mm). Thus if your application needs to print, you should allow the default paper size to be configurable. Win32 NLS APIs can help you detect the default paper size associated with a given locale. This information can be obtained from the GetLocaleInfo API with the LCType flag set to LOCALE_IPAPERSIZE. The returned value is one of the following. (See Table 4-11.)

Table 4-11 Returned values for LOCALE_IPAPERSIZE.




U.S. letter


U.S. legal





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