I would like to thank my wife Deborah who, despite my obstinate tendency to turn into a hermit during this project and my countless late nights of writing frenzies, is still putting up with me. Without you and your boundless support, this book project would have been impossible. Without you and our young boy Julian, any project in my life would seem meaningless. I love you!

I would like to thank the team of editors, coordinators, and technicians at Sams Publishing for putting their hard work and invaluable expertise into this project. I'm especially grateful to Neil Rowe, Acquisitions Editor, for initially contacting me, encouraging me to engage in this project, and for his solid support during the whole process. Thanks for taking a chance with a new writer; it has changed my life forever.

I would like to thank my mother Vita Lund Michelsen, for her strong support and incessant encouragement throughout my life and in particular during the months I was writing. Thanks to my sister Kirsten for keeping the spirits up on the other side of the world, even during difficult times; this gave me peace of mind to focus on the book.

Lastly, thanks to my two dogs, Charlie and Honey, and the great composers Mozart and Beethoven who all kept me company on many a late night.


C# Primer Plus
C Primer Plus (5th Edition)
ISBN: 0672326965
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 286
Authors: Stephen Prata

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