Programming Exercises


Make the following changes to the program in Listing 4.1:


Change the multi-line comments in lines 3 6 to two single line comments.


Apart from addition and multiplication, allow the user to perform a subtraction. Among other changes, you need to add a Subtract method. (The symbol is used to perform subtractions in C#).


Instead of calculating the sum and the product of two numbers, make the program perform the calculations on three numbers. (You can ignore the Max and Min functions here.) Hint: You need to declare another int variable in Main. The Sum, Product, and Subtract methods must accept three arguments instead of two. You must allow the user to input a third number, and you must include the third argument when these methods are called.


Create two methods called MyMax and MyMin that both take three arguments and find the maximum and minimum value of these arguments. Hint: Math.Max(Math.Max(a, b),c) returns the max of a, b and c.


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