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perl database programming
Perl Database Programming
by Brent Michalski ISBN:0764549561
John Wiley & Sons 2003 (552 pages)

Here is an in-depth guide to creating database-driven applications using Perl.

In this authoritative reference, Perl expert Brent Michalski uses plenty of examples to help you master Perl’s capabilities in database applications with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. Along the way, he explores practical applications for cutting-edge technologies like XML and Web services. If you’re a Perl novice, the comprehensive code samples and step-by-step explanations will have your writing database applications quickly and confidently. If you’re experienced, this definitive guidebook has everything you need to move ahead with Web programming, problem tracking, automatic e-mail reports, and much more.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand different database models, DBIs, and DBDs
  • Set up relational databases, retrieve information, and generate reports
  • Tie a Perl hash to a database and track users with cookies
  • Generate and deliver automatic e-mail reports
  • Use tied hashes to create Web-based shopping carts
  • Handle binary data and submit BLOB data
  • Create phonebooks, photo albums, and a SOAP-based catalog

About the Author

Brent Michalski works with Perl on a daily basis in his job as a senior developer for MasterCard International. He is coauthor of Writing CGI Applications with Perl and has written articles for Web Review and the Perl Home Page. Currently, he maintains the Perl area of the Dr. Dobb’s Journal Web site.

Perl Database Programming
Perl Database Programming
ISBN: 0764549561
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2001
Pages: 175
Authors: Curtis Ovid Poe

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