Chapter 16: Creating a Web-Based Photo Album


Many different photo albums are on the Web, so why create another one? Well, first of all, many of the photo albums are clunky and difficult to customize. Second, creating a photo album is fun! The photo album in this chapter shows you that, in addition to creating your own photo album, you can modify your photo album to your own specifications.

The photo album in this chapter is really just a start, but it is a great start. The code to create this album is pretty short compared with many of the other Perl photo albums around. Plus, the photo album in this chapter is much faster than some of the current Web-based photo albums.

Again, this chapter builds from concepts we have already covered in this book. Also, we use the module we develop previously. This photo album weighs in at under 400 lines of code—if we don’t count duplicate code and HTML templates. Considering that some photo albums consist of over 4,500 lines of code, fewer than 400 lines is very good.

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