Praise for Effective C, Third Edition

Praise for Effective C++, Third Edition

"Scott Meyers' book, Effective C++, Third Edition, is distilled programming experience experience that you would otherwise have to learn the hard way. This book is a great resource that I recommend to everybody who writes C++ professionally."

Peter Dulimov, ME, ngineer, Ranges and Assessing Unit, NAVSYSCOM, Australia

"The third edition is still the best book on how to put all of the pieces of C++ together in an efficient, cohesive manner. If you claim to be a C++ programmer, you must read this book."

Eric Nagler, Consultant, Instructor, and author of Learning C++

"The first edition of this book ranks among the small (very small) number of books that I credit with significantly elevating my skills as a 'professional' software devel-oper. Like the others, it was practical and easy to read, but loaded with important advice. Effective C++, Third Edition, continues that tradition. C++ is a very powerful programming language. If C gives you enough rope to hang yourself, C++ is a hard-ware store with lots of helpful people ready to tie knots for you. Mastering the points discussed in this book will definitely increase your ability to effectively use C++ and reduce your stress level."

Jack W. Reeves, Chief Executive Officer, Bleading Edge Software Technologies

"Every new developer joining my team has one assignment to read this book."

Michael Lanzetta, Senior Software Engineer

"I read the first edition of Effective C++ about nine years ago, and it immediately became my favorite book on C++. In my opinion, Effective C++, Third Edition, remains a must-read today for anyone who wishes to program effectively in C++. We would live in a better world if C++ programmers had to read this book before writing their first line of professional C++ code."

Danny Rabbani, Software Development Engineer

"I encountered the first edition of Scott Meyers' Effective C++ as a struggling programmer in the trenches, trying to get better at what I was doing. What a lifesaver! I found Meyers' advice was practical, useful, and effective, fulfilling the promise of the title 100 percent. The third edition brings the practical realities of using C++ in serious development projects right up to date, adding chapters on the language's very latest issues and features. I was delighted to still find myself learning something interesting and new from the latest edition of a book I already thought I knew well."

Michael Topic, Technical Program Manager

"From Scott Meyers, the guru of C++, this is the definitive guide for anyone who wants to use C++ safely and effectively, or is transitioning from any other OO language to C++. This book has valuable information presented in a clear, concise, entertaining, and insightful manner."

Siddhartha Karan Singh, Software Developer

"This should be the second book on C++ that any developer should read, after a general introductory text. It goes beyond the how and what of C++ to address the why and wherefore. It helped me go from knowing the syntax to understanding the philosophy of C++ programming."

Timothy Knox, Software Developer

"This is a fantastic update of a classic C++ text. Meyers covers a lot of new ground in this volume, and every serious C++ programmer should have a copy of this new edition."

Jeffrey Somers, Game Programmer

"Effective C++, Third Edition, covers the things you should be doing when writing code and does a terrific job of explaining why those things are important. Think of it as best practices for writing C++."

Jeff Scherpelz, Software Development Engineer

"As C++ embraces change, Scott Meyers' Effective C++, Third Edition, soars to remain in perfect lock-step with the language. There are many fine introductory books on C++, but exactly one second book stands head and shoulders above the rest, and you're holding it. With Scott guiding the way, prepare to do some soaring of your own!"

Leor Zolman, C++ Trainer and Pundit, BD Software

"This book is a must-have for both C++ veterans and newbies. After you have finished reading it, it will not collect dust on your bookshelf you will refer to it all the time."

Sam Lee, Software Developer

"Reading this book transforms ordinary C++ programmers into expert C++ programmers, step-by-step, using 55 easy-to-read items, each describing one technique or tip."

Jeffrey D. Oldham, Ph.D., Software Engineer, Google

"Scott Meyers' Effective C++ books have long been required reading for new and experienced C++ programmers alike. This new edition, incorporating almost a decade's worth of C++ language development, is his most content-packed book yet. He does not merely describe the problems inherent in the language, but instead he provides unambiguous and easy-to-follow advice on how to avoid the pitfalls and write 'effective C++.' I expect every C++ programmer to have read it."

Philipp K. Janert, Ph.D., Software Development Manager

"Each previous edition of Effective C++ has been the must-have book for developers who have used C++ for a few months or a few years, long enough to stumble into the traps latent in this rich language. In this third edition, Scott Meyers extensively refreshes his sound advice for the modern world of new language and library features and the programming styles that have evolved to use them. Scott's engaging writing style makes it easy to assimilate his guidelines on your way to becoming an effective C++ developer."

David Smallberg, Instructor, DevelopMentor; Lecturer, Computer Science, UCLA

"Effective C++ has been completely updated for twenty-first-century C++ practice and can continue to claim to be the first second book for all C++ practitioners."

Matthew Wilson, Ph.D., author of Imperfect C++

Effective C++ Third Edition 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs
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