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icon system font  2nd 
    system font for  2nd 
    used in this book 
id attribute 
ID selectors  2nd 
    attribute selectors substituting for  2nd  3rd 
    case sensitivity of 
    combining with pseudo-classes 
    languages supporting  2nd 
    specificity of  2nd 
    uniqueness of 
images  [See also replaced elements]
    aligning vertically 
    as background  [See background images]
    as cursors 
    as generated content  2nd 
    floating using HTML 
    for list item markers  2nd 
    in links, border style for 
    in table cell, gaps around 
    indents affecting 
    padding for 
img element, align attribute 
@import directive  2nd  3rd 
important rules  2nd  3rd 
in (inches) length units 
InactiveBorder system color 
InactiveCaption system color 
InactiveCaptionText system color 
inches (in) length units 
indenting text 
InfoBackground system color 
InfoText system color 
inherit keyword 
inheritance  [See also cascade rules; specificity]2nd  3rd 
    bugs in browser implementation of 
    exceptions to 
    inherit keyword 
    line height and 
    specificity and 
    text decoration and 
initial containing block  [See root element]
inline boxes  2nd  3rd 
    for inline-level tables 
    forcing with display property  2nd 
    overlapping floated element 
inline styles  2nd  3rd 
inline-block elements  2nd  [See also run-in elements]
inline-level elements  2nd  3rd  [See also inline-block elements]
    aligning vertically 
    borders for  2nd 
    converting to block-level elements 
    generated content as 
    history of formatting of 
    line height of 
    margins for  2nd 
        formatting of 
        height and width of 
    overlapping backgrounds of 
    padding for  2nd 
    replaced, formatting of 
    spreading lines of text apart 
    tables as 
intelligent font matching method, @font-face rule 
internal table elements
    margins not existing for 
Internet Explorer
    :first-child pseudo-class not supported 
    adjacent-sibling selectors not supported 
    assigning table-related display values to HTML elements not supported 
    attribute selector not supported 
    child selectors not supported 
    combined pseudo-classes not supported 
    content area extended to enclose list item markers 
    default font size 
    dynamic pseudo-class support 
    empty-cells property 
    fixed positioning not supported 
    fixed-attachment backgrounds on non-body elements 
    generated content not supported 
    height and width implementation 
    min-max properties not supported 
    multiple class selectors and 
    placement of @import directive and 
italic text
    as font style 
    used in this book 


Cascading Style Sheets
Beginning CSS: Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design (Wrox Beginning Guides)
ISBN: 0470096977
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 135
Authors: Richard York

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