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Chapter 2: The Basic Political Economy of Identifiers

Table 2.1: Summary of Common Name/Address Spaces and Their Features

Chapter 3: The Internet Name and Address Spaces

Table 3.1: Root Server confederations

Chapter 5: Growing the Root

Table 5.1: Number of Internet Hosts
Table 5.2: Number of Country Code Delegations, 1985-1993

Chapter 6: Appropriating the Root: Property Rights Conflicts

Table 6.1: Number of InterNIC Domain Name Registrations, July 1994 and February 1996
Table 6.2: Typosquatting on Yahoo!
Table 6.3: TLD Applications to IANA, 1995-1996

Chapter 7: The Root in Play

Table 7.1: The Composition of the IAHC

Chapter 8: Institutionalizing the Root: The Formation of ICANN

Table 8.1: Stakeholders List in Internet Governance

Chapter 9: The New Regime

Table 9.1: At-Large Election Results
Table 9.2: New ICANN Top-Level Domains

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Ruling the Root(c) Internet Governance and the Taming of Cyberspace
Ruling the Root: Internet Governance and the Taming of Cyberspace
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