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Chapter 2: The Basic Political Economy of Identifiers

Figure 2.1: Three-layer model of assignment

Chapter 3: The Internet Name and Address Spaces

Figure 3.1: A routing table
Figure 3.2: A hierarchical name space
Figure 3.3: A DNS zone
Figure 3.4: A resource record
Figure 3.5: Domain name resolution process
Figure 3.6: Location of 13 root servers
Figure 3.7: Number of .com, .net, and .org queries per second on a single day

Chapter 5: Growing the Root

Figure 5.1: Internet governance circa 1993, private sector perspective
Figure 5.2: Internet governance circa 1993, U.S. government perspective

Chapter 8: Institutionalizing the Root: The Formation of ICANN

Figure 8.1: The dominant coalition, 1998

Chapter 9: The New Regime

Figure 9.1: ICANN Organization Chart

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