data-flow graph:

A directed graph in which assignments to and references to variables are represented by the nodes and information flow is represented by the arcs.


The process of determining why a given set of inputs causes a nonacceptable behavior in a program and what must be changed to cause the behavior to be acceptable.


That aspect of the design or implementation that will result in a symptom.

desk checking:

The process of manually evaluating each statement in a program in the order in which they would be executed by a computer.


Literally, “through time.” A diachronic approach observes the evolution of something over a period of time.

Debugging by Thinking. A Multidisciplinary Approach
Debugging by Thinking: A Multidisciplinary Approach (HP Technologies)
ISBN: 1555583075
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 172

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