A.3 Interfaces

Building Parsers with Java
By Steven  John  Metsker

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Appendix  A.   UML Twice Distilled


Figure A.3 shows the basic features for illustrating interfaces.

Figure A.3. Interfaces. Unless there is other structural information that you want to illustrate , you can use a simple line and circle to show that a class implements an interface.


In Figure A.3, note the following.

  • A diagram can show that a class implements an interface by showing a line and circle (a "lollipop") and the name of the interface. The Assembly class, for example, implements the Enumeration and PubliclyCloneable interfaces.

  • A diagram can also show an interface by placing the text <<interface>> and the name of the interface in a rectangle, as Figure A.3 shows. In this approach, a diagram can show that a class implements the interface using a dashed line and a large, open arrowhead .

  • When showing a class relationship, a diagram can emphasize that objects of one class are aggregations of objects of another class by adding a diamond to the connecting line. Figure A.3 indicates that a structure is an aggregation of terms, which may be variables or other structures.


Building Parsers with Java
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