Chapter8.Traffic Filtering and Security

Chapter 8. Traffic Filtering and Security

Network security is a topic that grows in importance every day. With an increased reliance on business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication, secure Internet connectivity has become mission critical for many organizations. For these companies, an Internet security breach can cause embarrassment, loss of consumer confidence, and ultimately fiscal loss.

When it comes to network security, one of the most neglected network devices is the switch. Organizations often enforce strict security policies on routers and firewalls, yet fail to recognize the dangers of leaving a switch unsecured. The switch is the most accessible device in your network, and often, it unwittingly provides unauthorized access to your network.


It is a common misconception that most network security breaches occur from an external party (e.g., a hacker on the Internet). In fact, most breaches occur from an internal party (e.g., a disgruntled employee).

Review of the following topics can help you secure your switched network infrastructure.

  • Securing management access

  • Securing network access

  • Traffic filtering

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