Master Presenters Develop Reciprocal Rapport

Most, if not all, of these skills are dependent on one's ability to develop a message and deliver that message effectively. Master Presenters do everything in their power to build a strong, powerful reciprocal rapport with their audience—and they do it within two minutes of beginning of their presentation. Master Presenters can do more in two minutes and have a stronger rapport with their audience than other presenters are able to achieve in an hour, two hours, a full day, or even a week. This begs the question as to how Master Presenters are able to achieve such a high degree of rapport.

Master Presenters achieve this by applying the following four methods, and/or combinations of methods:

  1. Increase the audience's level of expectations/aspirations and deliver over and above what the audience expects.

  2. Continually demonstrate their level of expertise and mastery of the subject.

  3. Demonstrate that their methods of delivery are at an "Oscar level" of performance.

  4. Prove to the audience members, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how they will benefit from the presentation.

How Master Presenters do this will be examined in The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters. Each of the following seven strategies will be fully explored in the subsequent chapters of this book:

Strategy 1:

Know Thy Audience

Strategy 2:

Prepare Outstanding Content

Strategy 3:

Use Superior Organization

Strategy 4:

Develop Dynamic Delivery

Strategy 5:

Make It Memorable, Actionable and Transferable

Strategy 6:

Manage Yourself, Difficult Participants, and Difficult Situations

Strategy 7:

Total Quality Improvement


The Power of Lifelong Learning

Interviews with Master Presenters from across North America will be used to illustrate each of the strategies and bring them to life. Lastly, exercises have been developed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and to develop an individually tailored program to enhance your strengths and overcome areas of weakness.

The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
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