Chapter 8: Playing, Copying, and Storing Digital Media


In this chapter, you’ll learn how to:

  • Control Windows Media Player playback.

  • Set options for copying tracks to and from an audio CD.

  • Get the most out of Windows Explorer’s digital media features.

  • Work with digital media files.

  • Customize digital media folders.

  • Download and use the Windows Media Bonus Pack.

Microsoft Windows XP has many new and improved features, from the updated interface to fast user switching to improved support for the latest hardware gadgets. But it really seems as though the busiest of the programming bees must have been the digital media team. Windows XP is loaded with new digital media features, including a new and much improved version of Windows Media Player; dedicated and enhanced media folders (such as My Pictures and My Music); image optimization for sending files via e-mail; the ability to print digital photos online; a wizard that helps you print photos; the ability to burn recordable compact discs (CD-Rs) and rewritable compact discs (CD-RWs); and the ability to work with digital camera storage directly from Windows Explorer.

For most of these features, the basics are fairly easy to learn and don’t require much coaching. But this book is dedicated to exploring the shadowy nooks of Windows XP, particularly those places that make things easier to use or more powerful. The digital media features of Windows XP have plenty of these hidden and obscure areas, and we’ll take you through them in this chapter to help you get the most out of playing media, copying audio tracks, managing media files, and customizing media folders.

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