Accountability: Integral to Integrity

Architects of Accountable Organizations find that a crucial part of their job is training people to be stakeholders: educating them to embrace ownership on both an individual level and an organizational level. For true stakeholders understand how their choices impact not only themselves, but also the wider organization. They understand and embrace their role in upholding the true bedrock of Accountable Organizations: integrity.


  1. Does your definition of accountability differ from the one proposed in this book, and if so, how?

  2. Think about the concept of accountability as it is currently practiced in your organization. Can you identify aspects of your organization's environment or policies that discourage a culture of ownership? On the flip side, which aspects encourage accountability?

  3. Think about how you personally practice accountability within your organization. Can you think of a difficult situation in which you deflected ownership of your role? Consider whether the outcome would have differed had you been fully accountable.

  4. Consider how you influence others’ accountability in their relationships with you. Do you engage in the "blame game" with others? If so, what changes can you make to change your—and their—perspectives?

The Accountable Organization. Reclaiming Integrity, Restoring Trust
The Accountable Organization: Reclaiming Integrity, Restoring Trust
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