What This Book Is Not About: Software Factories

Well, maybe this book has something to do with software factories because you can package everything I talk about in this book, put it in one application, add a few enterprise e-commerce development tools, and crank out your software. Then I think you have a software factory. Or at least that is how I understand the concept of software factories. Everything I read on this topic keeps pointing me to Visual Studio Team System (VSTS). I give an overview of the VSTS tools in Chapter 18, "Future Build Tools from Microsoft," but nothing more. Maybe in another edition of this book, I will talk about how you can use the processes in this book in conjunction with VSTS.

The Build Master(c) Microsoft's Software Configuration Management Best Practices
The Build Master: Microsofts Software Configuration Management Best Practices
ISBN: 0321332059
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 186

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