IP Address Filtering

I must admit that I build IP address filters more than any other address filter. When I go onsite and do the 'laying on of hands,' I undoubtedly find some rogue traffic that I want to look more closely at. For example, consider the piece of a matrix screen shown in Figure 13 - see anything that looks strange?

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Figure 13: What the heck is this doing on the wire?

Here’s that really strange communication that I talked about in Chapter 1. Hey! is the loopback address - you shouldn't ever see traffic to or from! Yipes! Seeing this on the matrix immediately prompted me to build a filter on all traffic to or from, as shown in Figure 14. All decent analyzers have a simple way to select the address type - on the Sniffer and EtherPeek, you just click on the label "IP."

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Figure 14: Include traffic to and from to loopback address to nail this loser.

This was really soooo much fun to catch. Consider building a '127' filter to be prepared in case you ever see this type of traffic.

Packet Filtering. Catching the Cool Packets.
Packet Filtering: Catching the Cool Packets
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