Points to Remember

  • An isometric world is the easiest type of 3D world to create in Flash.

  • There is no perspective change in an isometric world.

  • One of the best features of an isometric world is that you can reuse graphical assets at any place in the world, as is, because there is no perspective change.

  • An isometric system is created by rotating a system that is currently aligned with the Flash system by 30° around the x-axis and then by 45° around the new y-axis.

  • Because of the useful (and fast) depth-calculation equation we use, we are able to restrict positioning to the x, -y, -z octant.

  • Making an isometric system using tiles (that is, a tile-based world) is the most efficient and best way to create an isometric world. It makes collision detection and z-sorting much easier.

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