It's a wonderful feeling to have completed this book. Macromedia gave us many great new features to write about in Flash 8! Thanks to Joey and Danny for creating some useful lessons. As always, we could not have accomplished this monumental task alone. There are some really talented people whose efforts and support have contributed as much during the creation of this book as the authors'. Thank you, Angela, for coordinating and keeping us all on track. Robyn, you really have done an excellent job with the editing and your attention to detail. Thanks also to the editors Robin Drake, Alfio Raymond, Nancy Sixsmith, and Becky Winter. My colleagues Mike Grundvig and Robert Firebaugh often provide me with conceptual help when creating new exercises; thanks guys!

It has been a crazy year and I couldn't have stayed focused without the support of my wife, Kelly, and my mistresses, Anna and Hayes. And of course, thanks to my fuzzy dog Free for forcing me to throw a ball for him every two hours to clear my thoughts.

Jobe Makar

I'd like to thank all the programming influences in my life, but there are far too many to count. Thanks to Angela and Robyn for being flexible and giving me freedom in my writing. Thanks to the technical editors for the time and effort they spent in proofing my work. And finally, I'd like to thank Macromedia for continuing to push the Flash platform and developing great tools for us to use.

Danny Patterson

Joy thanks her parents and her sister for their continual love and support. She thanks all her many friends that surround her with beauty. She would also like to thank Robyn Thomas for all the edits, insightful comments, and patience. Thanks go to Angela Kozlowski for the opportunity to work on this project. She'd also like to acknowledge Margot Hutchinson at Waterside for her help with the project. Of course, Joy thanks Danny and Jobe for their work on the book. Thanks go to all the readers that make this possible. And she sends endless thanks to the infinite source.

Joy Singh

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