Chapter 6 - Manipulating the Database
byGareth Downes-Powellet al.
Wrox Press 2003

In this chapter we have built a working hotel booking system, allowing users to add a booking, change an existing booking, and delete a booking.

We have used the Add Record, Update Record, and Delete Record server behaviors, to quickly and easily build database interactions into our pages, which is where Dreamweaver MX really stands out, as all the database operations can be used without any hand-coding experience.

We also used URL parameters, to pass data from page to page, so we could keep track of the user's identity, and match them to their details and booking records.

Also discussed in this chapter were recordsets, and how to use them to retrieve data from your database, in both simple and advanced modes, and creating SQL queries with dynamic parameters.

In the next chapter we will be looking at more advanced SQL usage, such as using the SQL JOIN statement to combine the results from more than one table.

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