Chapter 13. Performance Optimization

THE PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION PATTERNS IMPROVE THROUGHPUT AS WELL AS APPLY SOME USER-centered techniques to ease the pain of waiting for the server. Browser-Side Cache talks about implementing a custom cache within the application and explains why it's sometimes more suitable than the standard web browser cache. Predictive Fetch extends the cache concept by proposing that likely actions be anticipated, so that required data is already sitting in the browser by the time it's required. Another very different way to achieve zero network delay is to simply take a stab at the required value, the idea behind Guesstimate.

Multi-Stage Download proposes parallel or scheduled downloads so as to reduce bottlenecks and grab the most critical details as early as possible.

Fat Client is one of several possible Ajax architectural styles that helps optimize performance by pushing as much logic as possibleand potentially storageover to the browser side.

Ajax Design Patterns
Ajax Design Patterns
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