MySpace Events

MySpace Event invitations are other pieces of MySpace mail that may pop up in your or your teen's Inbox quite often. (Some bands and other groups send Invites to huge swaths of MySpace users.) These invitations might announce shows, concerts, or parties coming upor friends may be forwarding to you the invites they get.

To view Event Invites at any time:


Click the Events tab on the blue navigational bar of any page.


Click the Event Invites link on the left side of the screen.

You can also find Event Invites in your regular MySpace inbox.


You can't turn off receiving these invites in your MySpace mail, but you can change your account settings so you don't get them in your regular (non-MySpace) email account. You can do this from Account Settings (in the Hello box on your home page) by checking the Do Not Send Me Notification Emails box, located beside Notifications.

To send an event invitation:


Click MySpace Events on the blue navigation bar of any page.


Click Create New Event.


Fill in the applicable fields, and click Invite & Update (Figure 4.18).

Figure 4.18. Fill in the message box and the email addresses of the people you want to invite.


On the next screen, you can opt to include a personal message, show the guest list to everyone, ask invitees to RSVP, import emails from the Hotmail or Yahoo! accounts of people you want to invite, or invite MySpace users.


Click Invite and then click Update.

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